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GoodRx is the leading provider of prescription and healthcare savings in America. Our mission is to bring you—consumers, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals—information about health and medications that truly helps. To that end, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of health and medical reporting, presenting content on that is up to date, accurate, comprehensive and fair.

We do our very best to ensure that all information on is as thoroughly researched and fact checked as possible. All of our medical content pieces are reviewed by a medical editor with an MD, PharmD, or similar qualification in healthcare. We also maintain the strictest standards for sourcing information, drawing only from credible news outlets, industry-leading medical organizations, academic institutions and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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The following sections detail our content policies.

Our Content Selection

Our goal in publishing content at GoodRx is to bring you useful insights on healthcare, drug pricing and ways to dependably save on medications. All of our editorial content, from expert commentaries on disease management and healthy living to coverage of breaking news, reflects our commitment to thorough and unbiased coverage of health topics that are relevant to you.

On, you’ll find both health and cost-saving information that you can reference in your daily life as well as in-depth analyses of the U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape as a whole. Content formats at GoodRx range from drug guides and savings resources to blogs, infographics and original research reports written by our medical team. Every piece of content at GoodRx is reviewed by our staff of board-certified medical editors and healthcare experts, and is accessible from any desktop and mobile device.

Our Editorial Standards

Our team of medical experts maintains the highest bar for quality content on We work hard so you can trust what we say adheres to the following professional standards.

  • Integrity

    With over 10 million visitors to each month—not limited to medical researchers, health experts and everyday consumers—we believe it is our duty to produce responsible content that is honest and objective. This includes making every effort to prioritize transparency when corroborating news and facts to our readers, and maintaining independent control over our editorial content so it is free from any influence from advertisers or other sources of bias.

  • Reliability

    All of us at GoodRx are consumers, patients, family members, and caretakers—just like you. We know how difficult it can be to find health information these days that is trustworthy and reliable, and that’s why at GoodRx, you can depend on credible content that has been fact checked by qualified medical editors and health journalists.

    We adhere to strict sourcing standards, referencing authoritative news outlets, academic and federal research institutions and peer-reviewed medical studies when needed. And every GoodRx story, report and factsheet is reviewed for accuracy and clarity before publishing to ensure that the insights you take from them add to your life in a positive way. Any licensed third-party content on is subject to these same standards.

  • Relevance

    At the heart of all GoodRx content is a team that genuinely cares. Whether you’re looking for prescription savings tips, advice on how to choose between medications or news on the latest healthcare policy changes, we’re committed to providing you with information that helps. Our authors write about topics that matter to you, breaking down complex issues into engaging and easy to understand content pieces with the hope of supporting you in your health and daily living.

Our Attribution Guidelines

All content on is protected by copyright and owned or controlled by GoodRx, Inc. and/or its Affiliates. As such, when referring to original content from on any medium—whether digital or print—you must clearly cite as your source. On digital mediums, you must also supply a link back to an appropriate URL.

Our Advertising Policy

With any advertising displayed on, we endeavor to work with advertisers that provide additional value to our customers. We make a clear delineation between our editorial content and any advertising. Editorial content created by GoodRx is independent and not influenced by advertisers or other sources of bias.

GoodRx only accepts healthcare advertisement from entities that are approved by the .pharmacy program or VIPPs program of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). The NABP requires that such advertisers adhere to quality standards, including that they have proper licenses and registrations. GoodRx is also certified by LegitScript for safe and legal operation as a healthcare merchant.

Last updated: January 2020