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What People Are Saying About GoodRx

Sophia, a mother of five in Searcy, Arkansas, gets her chronic migraine relief thanks to GoodRx saving her 90% on her medication.

“Topamax is the ONLY medication that gives me relief! We do not have insurance and there is no way I could afford my medicine on my own. Now that I can get Topamax, it has given me my life back. I’ve gone from 4-5 debilitating migraines a week, to my last migraine being six months ago. GoodRx truly is a Godsend!”

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April, a 54-year-old mother of two living in Cypress, Texas, was prescribed a medication that would cost her an arm and an leg — until GoodRx came to the rescue.

“GoodRx has literally saved my life. I have used their coupons for years. Three years ago, I needed doxycycline, which at the time cost $400 a month. I had just spent 2 weeks in the hospital with a terrible infection, and needed 2 more months on the pills at home. I flat out did not have the money. Goodrx had a coupon for $45 and I believe they literally saved my life.”

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Amanda, a mother of three and a kindergarten teacher in Springfield, Missouri, was able to save money on Tamiflu for her children during flu season.

“I'm so glad I found GoodRx! When I didn't have insurance, my medication was over $200 a month. With this website, it dropped down to $67. Earlier this year, I tried to get Tamiflu for my sons (who do have insurance). The GoodRx price was cheaper than their copay so we used the discount instead. Awesome site!”

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Beverly and her shih tzu live in Randleman, North Carolina. She saved $30 a month on his eye drops for glaucoma — and saved on her own medications, too.

“I learned about GoodRx through my dog’s veterinarian. It not only saved me on his eye drops, but on my own prescriptions as well. I have the pharmacy check both GoodRx and my insurance for the best price every time.”

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Vickie, of Titusville, Florida, doesn't qualify for Medicaid in her state, so GoodRx helps her save over $850 a year on her rosacea treatment.

“I’m on several prescriptions. One of them, a generic antibiotic, can cost $250-$1,000 for 90 pills out-of-pocket. With GoodRx, I have found it for $30.85. Another medication I take is normally $250 and I got it for $25 with a GoodRx coupon! Thanks GoodRx!”

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Betsy found out that GoodRx offers lower prices than her insurance co-pays.

“I thought we had fairly good insurance until I checked out GoodRx. It’s actually cheaper for us to get our medications using GoodRx than our health insurance. I cannot recommend them enough. I tell everyone I know about using this app! It has saved me a lot of money!! Thank you GoodRx!”

- Betsy
New Tazewell, Tennessee

Brenda and her husband check GoodRx every month to save on their long-term prescription drugs.

“My husband had a liver transplant, so he takes many medications a month. The copays can get very expensive for some of them. I’ve found using GoodRx can save us $50 a month on just one of his medications alone. I have insurance through an individual healthcare plan, and I take several medications myself. I always use GoodRx to save on my medications—it always saves me money. I love it!”

- Brenda
McDonough, Georgia

What Doctors Are Saying About GoodRx

Dr. Amie Stringfellow, MD

“Finding affordable medications is extremely important. Cost is a major factor for a lot of patients not taking their medications. With GoodRx, it’s easy to use and shows the cost differences right away, along with ways you can save money. People shop around gas stations for the cheapest gas all the time, but they don’t necessarily know that their prescriptions may be different in costs from one pharmacy to another. A drug might be half price at one pharmacy versus another pharmacy. It’s helpful to show right away that they can save.”

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Volunteers in Medicine of South Jersey

“We use GoodRx to help our patients lower the cost of their meds. Of all the discount cards out there, we have found that the GoodRx card gives them the most stable pricing. Thank you GoodRx for helping our patients every day.”

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Dr. Marguerite Duane, MD

“My direct primary care patients with chronic care conditions pay LESS for their meds by paying cash through GoodRx than by going through insurance.”

Dr. Claudia William, MD

“Love GoodRx! Have a stack of their cards in my office for patients. Free to order and shipped to office. Great for not internet savvy patients.”

Sarah Hunt, NP

“I LOVE GoodRx! Great way to save money for people with or without insurance. Prescriptions are often too expensive, so it's nice to have at least one way to make needed medication more affordable. The prices of prescriptions in the U.S. are infuriating and unsubstantiated.”

Dr. Robert Duff, PhD

“If you are uninsured or having trouble paying for your meds even with insurance check out sites like GoodRX. They have some amazing coupons for generics. No catch, we used them during a rough time and it totally worked.”

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