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Estas son las preguntas mas frecuentes sobre como funciona el buscador de precios para medicamentos de receta de GoodRx. Aprende como puedes obtener ventaja de estos servicios.

GoodRx provides prices and discounts for thousands of prescription drugs at more than 70,000 local and mail-order pharmacies in the USA. We're like an Orbitz for prescription drugs. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, and patients use us every day to save money.

Simply enter the name of any drug (generic or brand-name) into the form, give us a location (city, state, or ZIP), and we'll show you the lowest price we can find at both local and mail order pharmacies for a variety of dosages and quantities for your prescription.

The prices we display may be any of the following:

Cash Price
This is the price you'll pay if you walk in, present your prescription and pay cash without insurance.
Coupon Price
GoodRx offers free, printable coupons which give you access to discounted prices at the pharmacy. You'll see a big GET FREE COUPON link next to the price. There are no obligations, contracts or fees to you for using a coupon and pharmacies are required to accept them.
Membership Price
Some pharmacy chains offer discounted prices if you sign up for a for-pay (typically $5 - $30 per year) or a free membership program. We'll let you know what the terms of membership are and provide a link to learn more.
Medicare Price
GoodRx contains current prices for every Medicare Part D and Advantage plan. Tell us your plan and we'll show your co-pay.

Keep in mind that prices are always subject to change. We actively check our prices and we encourage you to let us know when you are charged a different price.

If you click on the pharmacy or the price, you can see other available prices and discounts, and additional information about that pharmacy, including the location(s), hours, fax and phone numbers, and services like walk-in clinics, compounding, and home delivery.

In addition to prices, GoodRx also provides information about manufacturer discounts. These discounts are typically free but may require registration. We'll also provide you with tips on how to save even more money by pill splitting or considering other medications for the same condition. Of course, only you and your doctor will know what works best for you.

Finally, for many of our drugs, our pharmacist and doctor have written up descriptions and additional information that may interest you.

You can look up current prices for your prescription from our home page at or using the search bar at the top of any page on the site. Enter the name of your prescription and your ZIP code or city, then click the FIND THE LOWEST PRICE button.

On the following page, you'll see prices for your medication. Remember to select your strength and quantity from the dropdown menus above the pharmacy listings to show accurate prices for your prescription.

After searching for your prescription, you'll see a list of pharmacies and prices. You should also see some dropdown options with blue text just above those listings. There are sections where you can select brand or generic, form (e.g. tablet or cream), dosage (e.g. 100 mg), and quantity. Choose the right options for you in each section, and the prices will reload to show you coupons that match your prescription.

Sign into your My Rx account here or using the link at the upper left of any page on the site. Once logged in to your account, go to your Settings page. Scroll down and look for the Email Me section, and check or uncheck the boxes to change your subscription status for monthly price updates and other news about your prescriptions. You don't need to do anything else—your selections are automatically saved.

Our mobile app offers all the same awesomeness of GoodRx in a smaller package. You can download the mobile app from our Mobile Apps page, the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To use GoodRx on a mobile phone without an app, you can also just point your phone's web browser to

First, do a search in your city or zip code for the prescription you want to save. On the results page, simply click the Save button (with a heart next to it). You can find the button above the pharmacy prices, and next to the Share button. If you aren'ta already logged in, you'll be prompted to register or sign in.

My Rx is a great way to track prices and information about your prescriptions. We'll send you infrequent emails if your prices change or if there is other important news about your prescriptions.

To remove a prescription that you've saved to My Rx, you can go to while logged in and you'll see a small grey Edit Prescriptions button. Clicking it will take you to your Settings page where you'll be able to remove a prescription by clicking the red X next to it. You can also search for that drug while logged in—on the drug price page, you'll see a big red Remove button with a heart next to it.

To remove all saved prescriptions and delete your account, use the red Delete Account button at the bottom of the Settings page.

The My Best Pharmacy feature is available if you've signed up for a My Rx account. It shows you the lowest total price you'll pay at a single pharmacy in your area with one easy to use coupon.

You may still be able to find a lower price by filling at multiple pharmacies, or by using more than one coupon at the same pharmacy, but your Best Pharmacy price provides the maximum combination of convenience and savings.

We offer coupons from multiple sources, so if you would like to save even more, we encourage you to search for your prescriptions individually, and print a coupon for each medication at each pharmacy. Your pharmacist may need to process some transactions separately if you have multiple coupons.

There are a few reasons why a pharmacy may not come up in your search.

Depending on which city or zip code you're searching in, you may need to adjust the search radius using the map on the left of the page, or the drop-down distance selection below the map. You can also try clicking the VIEW MORE PHARMACY PRICES button at the bottom of the price results list to show more pharmacies in your area.

If your pharmacy is a local independent or small chain, look for the coupon available at the bottom of the price listings. We can't list pharmacies by name that don't have approval from a nationally-recognized professional organization, but most of these pharmacies will still accept GoodRx coupons.

We only list licensed US pharmacies, including our online, compounding, fertility, and pet medication listings.

GoodRx has prices and discounts for virtually every one of the 70,000+ retail pharmacies in the US. However, we don't show the names and locations of a number of the pharmacies in our database. Why?

In the interest of patient safety, GoodRx abides by quality standards established by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which works to ensure public health and patient safety. As such, we only display pharmacies that have been accredited by this organization.

Just because a pharmacy does not appear in our results does not mean that it is illegal or dangerous. There are many legitimate pharmacies that do not have the appropriate accreditation, but GoodRx prefers to err on the side of caution.

GoodRx can help you find and compare prices at local and online pharmacies, but we aren't a pharmacy ourselves and we don't fill prescriptions.

You'll want to get in touch with your preferred pharmacy directly if you have any questions about filling a prescription. You can find contact information (or a link to the website if it is an online pharmacy) in the box that comes up if you click the pharmacy name.

Yes, most pharmacies accept GoodRx coupons for pet prescriptions. The easiest way to check if your pharmacy accepts coupons for pets is to go to our homepage, enter the name of your prescription, and click the FIND THE LOWEST PRICE button. On the following page, select the “Prescription is for a pet” checkbox to remove any pharmacies that do not accept coupons for pets.

Check out our dedicated GoodRx for Pets page for a list of common pet medications.

Although GoodRx coupons work for most pet prescriptions you fill at your regular pharmacy, there are a couple of exceptions. Walmart pharmacies will not accept coupons for pet prescriptions, and coupons from a few providers will not work for pet prescriptions.

The good news: there is an easy way to make sure you print a coupon that will work for you. Just go to our homepage, enter the name of your prescription, and click the FIND THE LOWEST PRICE button. On the following page, select the “Prescription is for a pet” checkbox to remove any pharmacies or discounts that won't work with your pet's prescription.

Don't see the pet filter? At the moment, you can only filter for pet coupons on our desktop website. If you more frequently use our mobile site or apps, you'll want to use your computer to view prices for your pet's prescription for now.

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