GoodRx Press Release February 16, 2012


GoodRx™ Brings Price Transparency to Prescription Drugs

GoodRx Launches The First and Only Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool for Pharmacies Nationwide

Helps Insured and Uninsured Consumers Save 20-80%

SANTA MONICA, CA – Feb 16, 2012 – GoodRx today announced that it has created an innovative prescription drug price comparison technology that provides consumers with accurate drug prices from virtually every U.S. pharmacy. GoodRx, available as both a website and free iphone app, allows consumers to compare drug prices, which can differ greatly between competing pharmacies, and find discounts, free coupons and savings tips.

Consumers simply enter the name of a prescription drug and their zip code. GoodRx immediately displays both a list and a map of prices for both the brand-name and generic versions of the drug from local and mail-order pharmacies. GoodRx’s database contains over one million prices for more than 6,000 brand name and generic drugs.

In addition, consumers can set up refill reminders and price alerts through GoodRx’s My Prescriptions feature, which emails the latest prices in time for a consumer’s next refill.

“The good news is that the price of many important prescription drugs has decreased over the last few years. The bad news is that prices vary wildly and health insurance covers less and less of those costs. We can instantly compare prices for home electronics, airline tickets and cars -- so why not drugs?” asks Doug Hirsch, co-founder and chief executive officer of GoodRx. “GoodRx empowers consumers, doctors and health care providers to make educated decisions about what drugs to prescribe and where to fill them. This technology not only saves money but also encourages consumers to fill and refill the prescriptions they need to stay healthy.”

Americans spent more than $300 billion on 4 billion prescription fills in 2010. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there were nearly 50 million uninsured Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 in 2010. GoodRx provides price and discount information saves money for both cash-paying and insured consumers, who can often find generic drugs for less than their insurance co-pay. GoodRx can also be a valuable tool for:

  • Senior citizens without prescription benefits, estimated by the Kaiser Family Foundation. to be about 5 million; senior citizens covered by Medicare stuck in the “donut hole”.
  • Individuals with untaxed health spending accounts, health insurance plans that have high deductibles or a co-pay as a percentage of prescription costs.
  • Insured individuals whose employers have scaled back health insurance benefits.

“One of the best ways patients can use GoodRx is at their doctor’s office, when they receive a prescription. Too often, prescriptions go unfilled because patients cannot afford them,” said Dr. Sharon Orrange, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California and author of GoodRx’s Small Doses Blog. “With GoodRx, patients can be their own health care advocate and find the lowest price brand name or generic drug while still in their doctor’s office.”

Key Features of GoodRx:

  • Instant access to current cash and negotiated prices at local pharmacies.
  • Access to free discount coupons that can be used at most pharmacies.
  • My Prescriptions email refill reminders with the up-to-date prices for their medicine.
  • Specific strategies and tips for consumers to increase savings.
  • Drug manufacturer coupons which can be worth $1000 or more per year.

“GoodRx represents the future of health care in the U.S. as consumers look for more transparency in the health and drug industry,” said Dawn Lepore, former CEO of and advisor to GoodRx. “GoodRx is led by very talented internet entrepreneurs who helped shape internet giants Yahoo and Facebook. They are bringing much needed innovation to the process of purchasing prescription medicines and they are poised to have a significant impact on the way Americans think about buying their prescription medicines.”

Examples of Cash Price Savings Potential with GoodRx (Los Angeles, CA):

Prescription Low Local Price Low Mail Order Price Typical Retail Price Comments
(generic Zestril)
30 5mg tablets
Ralph’s (Kroger)
$15 - $44 Hypertension; 77M Rx’s (2nd most dispensed)
(generic Zocor)
30 20mg tablets
$11 - $60 High cholesterol; 76M Rx’s (3rd most dispensed)
(generic Synthroid)
30 125mcg tablets
(based on a 90-day supply)
$12 - $65 Thyroid; 68M Rx’s (5th most dispensed)
(generic Prilosec)
30 20mg capsules
CostCo Home Delivery
$20 - $177 Gastrointestinal; 45M Rx’s (10th most dispensed)
(generic Glucophage)
60 500mg tablets
(based on 90-day supply)
$8 - $45 Diabetes; 42M Rx’s (11th most dispensed)
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About GoodRx

GoodRx is the first and only prescription drug price comparison tool created for consumers with prices from pharmacies nationwide. GoodRx’s founders are seasoned technology executives who were early employees at Facebook, Yahoo and other successful companies.

GoodRx has received seed funding from Founders Fund, GRP Partners, Highland Capital, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Dawn Lepore (former CEO of, Ed Wilson (former President of Tribune Broadcasting) and others. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact:
Amy Cramer
Tel: 650.391.3714

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