¿Qué es Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection is bacterial or viral. It causes inflammation of the sinuses and a buildup of mucus. Symptoms include cough, fatigue, fever, stuffy nose, headache, and pressure behind the eyes.

Treatment includes drinking plenty of fluids, medications, using saline solutions to clear sinuses, and using a humidifier. Common drug classes used to treat a sinus infection are antihistamine / sudafed combinations, penicillin antibiotic / beta lactamase inhibitor combinations, quinolone antibiotics, macrolide antibiotics, and cephalosporin antibiotics.

Puntos de ahorros para Sinus Infection

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Medicamentos de Sinus Infection Populares

Popularidad Nombre del Medicamento Clase de Medicamento Precio
Penicillin Antibiotic / Beta Lactamase Inhibitor Combinations 20 See Prices
Macrolide Antibiotics 11 See Prices
Quinolone Antibiotics 11 See Prices
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Note: Popularity is based on total prescriptions for the brand and generic versions of each drug, regardless of the condition being treated. Some drugs are prescribed for multiple conditions.

Clases de Medicamentos Sinus Infection

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